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Nano Ceramic with Sputter Technology

Deluxe Window Film offers the most advanced window film technology supported by Nano Ceramic Technology, which provides protection against UV radiation and rejects sunlight up to 100%.

Nano Ceramic Technology allows the window film to absorb and reflect UV radiation, keeping you and the interior of your vehicle protected from the harmful effects of sunlight. With this protection, you can reduce the risk of skin cancer and other skin damage caused by UV exposure.

In addition, Deluxe Window Film also utilizes Magnetron Sputter Technology, which is highly ideal for vehicles in situations where conventional window film may not be sufficient. This technology involves multi-layer sputtering coating on the film, which can selectively block specific wavelengths while maintaining clarity of vision. As a result, you can enjoy clear and comfortable visibility while maximizing heat rejection.


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New generation for Window Film

Deluxe Window Film is the top choice for both automotive and architectural window film applications. It offers high-quality window film that provides 100% protection against UV radiation, blue light, and maximum heat rejection.

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Sputter Technology

Sputter technology is highly ideal for automobiles in any situation, with evenly distributed sputter coatings.

Nano Ceramic

Nano Ceramic Technology provides protection against UV radiation and rejected sunlight up to 100%.

Chip & Dyed

Chip Dyed window film is produced through an extrusion process, where color chips are mixed and placed onto the window film.

Made in USA

High-quality window film with comprehensive technology made according to USA production standards.

7 Years Warranty

7-year warranty for long-lasting protection and perfect adhesion without forming bubbles.

Night Drive Vision

With a VLT (Visible Light Transmission) of up to 70%, your driving visibility remains clear even during rainy or nighttime conditions.

Non Metal Material

Deluxe Window Film does not have any metallic layers that interfere with cell phone signals or other electronic devices.

Anti Faded

Fade-resistant protection makes Deluxe Window Film last for years of usage.

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