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Type & Series Deluxe Window Film

Deluxe Window Film has 3 variants and types of window films according to various technologies in each type.

All in one Technology for Deluxe Window Film

Deluxe Window Film is a premium selection of window films for both vehicles and buildings. With its high-quality materials and advanced features, it offers exceptional protection against harmful elements. This top-of-the-line window film ensures 100% UV radiation blockage, blue light protection, and maximum heat rejection.

Sputter Technology

Sputter technology is an excellent option for cars in all circumstances, providing evenly distributed sputter coatings. This innovative technology ensures consistent and uniform layers on automotive surfaces, offering numerous benefits and optimal performance.

Super Nano Ceramic Technology

Super nano ceramic technology offers exceptional protection against harmful UV radiation and provides a 100% rejection of sunlight. With its advanced features, this innovative technology ensures maximum shielding from the sun’s damaging rays, promoting a safer and more comfortable environment.

Chip & Dyed Technolgy

Chip Dyed window film is manufactured using an extrusion process, where color chips come together and are placed onto the film surface. The production of Chip Dyed window film involves an extrusion technique that ensures a precise and controlled application of color.

Made in USA

Quality window film with the most complete technology made through USA production standards.

5 Years Warranty

5 year warranty for long-lasting protection and perfect attachment without forming bubbles.

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